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My passion for photography began as a youth. I believe the most intriguing aspect of photography is the power of communication that it holds in the absence of words. My artistic theme is to capture and create profound images, which possess the essence of life, the spirit of people, and the power of God's presence. My artistic goal is to share my artistic abilities and passion for Visual Imagery with the world!

A New Jersey native, Jomo has an insatiable passion for visual imagery. He believes capturing imagery and storytelling are some of the most powerful forms of expression and communication.

Kenyatta, whose heritage can be traced to Barbados, was born in New Jersey and first became intrigued with photography while attending Junior High School in South Orange, NJ. He attributes his initial intrigue into photography to his mother. He often tells this interesting and true story of the time he told his mother that he wanted to take some pictures at his middle school graduation. He recalls his ultimate objective was to get some pictures of a pretty girl named Valerie, who was relocating to another state. His mother, while in Valerie's presence, told Jomo that she forgot how to operate the infamous Minolta SRT 101 camera. After some fiddling around with the camera she directs him to what she thinks is the shutter button, but Jomo says he later found out what she had thought was the shutter button, was actually the aperture preview button. To add insult to injury, when Jomo requested that the perceived images be taken to get developed, his mother accidentally exposed the film. From that day forward he promised himself that he would never ask his mother anything pertaining to the operation of a camera again.

Kenyatta's quest began from that experience. He then became a yearbook photographer during High School and furthered his interest in college. Jomo became a finalist in his very first juried photo contest when he was 25 years old. He believes photography is a powerful medium that has the potential to open dialogue and forge relationships. He’s most passionate about Travel and Fine Art photography where cultural differences and cultural exchanges are the most vivid and abundant. ‘We all see differently, have different experiences and unique stories. Traveling and photography allows people to capture, preserve and share unique moments in time.” Jomo enjoys sharing his experiences through both traveling and digital exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Kenyatta’s work has been showcased throughout the Northeast and has ambitious plans to showcase his work through an international tour exhibition.

His first major exhibition debuted at The Consulate General of Jamaica in Manhattan, New York in 2002. Most recognized for his work within and around the Caribbean region, Jomo Kenyatta is the visionary and founder of The Caribbean Unseen project,, which is a multi-media visual arts exhibition tour that highlights and preserves rarely seen and uncommon aspects of Caribbean history, geography, culture and lifestyle. Kenyatta is also the host of Unseen Travels, The Unseen Travels series is an Adventure Travel Television Program Infused with Professional Photography. Adventure travel at its best, the Unseen Travels Series provides insights into locations, education about groups and customs in various destinations that the average traveler, tourist or television viewer does not ordinarily see. Jomo also has a strong desire to introduce people from all walks of life to the hidden beauty and distinctly unique experiences that are rarely observed from the typical resort or mainstream hotel experience around the world.

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DorisAnn Markowitz
For many years I served as curator/coordinator of the Gaelen Juried Art Show and Sale held at the JCC MetroWest. Norbert and Audrey Gaelen were major art collectors and wanted to provide a venue at the JCC for local artists to display their works and to be part of the competition. I was asked to establish this juried art show.

I met Jomo Kenyatta at one of our shows as his photography was selected by our museum jurors to be part of the exhibition. I found his photography to be outstanding. He has a way of capturing the essence of a person through his lens. His pieces "speak" to me in a way that few artists have. In one piece, a little Jamaican girl was screwing up her face but still had spunk in her eyes. Jomo captured her just perfectly. I could feel the attraction to this little one. I absolutely fell in love with this piece!

Through his portraits I began to learn a great deal about the man himself: his passions, his values, his lifestyle, the love for his family, the length and breadth of a truly Renaissance man. To speak with him about his hopes and dreams and his passions is to feel exactly as he feels about life. And thankfully I see him on Facebook so I can follow him as well as his family. It is a privilege that I treasure.

And remember I spoke about that little Jamaican girl that he photographed? Well, she hangs in my computer room and I see her every day and she brightens up my life just because she is there. When I went through breast cancer and the subsequent horrors of treatment. But the picture of this wondrous girl kept me going with her adorable countenance.

Jomo and his remarkable work has touched my heart.... he is an amazing man and an outstanding photographer!

DorisAnn Markowitz - DorisAnn Markowitz


Carie Skeritt
Jomo Kenyatta is an enthusiastic, passionate individual with a unique perspective. What I love about Jomo’s work is his ability to connect with his subject and surroundings and create a story. I own some of his work and it amazes me how a “simple photo” can tell a story when it’s through Jomo’s eyes. I highly recommend you give him the opportunity to create “your story”.

Carie Skeritt - Carie Skeritt
Travel Agent | Vacation Specialist


Cardel Locke
So, it’s been a few years since Jomo and I journeyed together to Jamaica, WI. We met as neighbors in Plainfield, NJ and looking back, we were drawn together by the love for mankind---coming in different shades of skin color, communicating through our music or speech, places we live, things we eat, but most importantly, how we love.

He shared with me some of his early photographic works….and I was instantly captivated by his powerful images on film. We decided that a trip back to Jamaica was in order and so he was properly introduced to the people of Delveland, Westmoreland. He captured the beauty that is mankind in pursue of another day’s journey. Up at the crack of dawn, and still up past midnight…..vibing with the locals as we communicated and shared our life experiences and each other’s culture.

It was an opportunity for me to share my small corner of this island with him and in return, he might find something distinct, memorable from our trip to share with the rest of the world.

So Jomo and I haven’t seen each other in more than a decade and we spoke of taking another trip together.

That said, imagine my surprise when my parents told me Jomo and family came to visit them in Jamaica…only days after I had left! His return to this place tells me that he still has fond memories of our little district in Jamaica that I call home!

Jomo, ready when you are!

Cardel Locke Cardel Locke
November, 2018

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